Can I use Cacoo diagrams on my blog?

I have the free plan for Cacoo.
I wanted to find out if I can use Cacoo diagrams which I created myself on my blog. What are the Copyright limitations? Are these diagrams considered ‘fair use’?

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Hi @cxscheid ,

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Based on our Diagram and shape copyrights:

Copyright to shapes (stencils) created by use of Cacoo or the standard graphics provided by Cacoo, will be held both by the individual or the company/association who has created the shapes (stencils) and by Nulab.

The individual or the company/association who has created the diagrams may enjoy the liberty of using them in any way including distributing them or using them in selling goods for commercial purposes, provided, however, that where the diagrams created include anything that might infringe a third party’s copyright, Nulab will not be liable for any loss or damage or damages caused by such infringement.

Hope this helps!

I also have a free plan. I understand it in the following way. There may be copyright limitations when using Cacoo diagrams on your blog. If you created the diagrams yourself using Cacoo’s tools, then you own the copyright to those diagrams and can use them on your blog as you see fit. However, if you use diagrams created by someone else, then you need to obtain permission from the copyright owner before using them on your blog. Cacoo’s Terms of Service also state that you should not use the Service to create diagrams that infringe on the intellectual property rights of others, and that you are responsible for obtaining any necessary permissions or licenses for any content that you use in your diagrams.
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