Bulk Issue registration via Google Sheets

Based on our last sharing about product updates - manage your integrations from project settings, today we’ll share about bulk issue registration via Google Sheets.


  • With the API rate limit, this function is only available to the Starter, Standard, and Premium plan users.
  • This function cannot be used/run in parallel as it will exceed the API rate limit.

This is useful for organisations or users in the following scenarios:

  • When similar or fixed issues are required to be raised across different projects.
  • When there are recurring tasks to be registered.
  • Importing bulk issue from 1 project to Backlog via CSV. 

The biggest benefit about this ability to group issues or tasks in bulk and add them all at once on Backlog is that it maximizes your team productivity - saving you valuable time and effort.

This function is available across all Backlog plans and you can access it through the Integrations page at your Project Settings.

Click on the “Details” button for “Bulk issue registration” and it will open up a Github webpage with instructions


Some Highlights :nerd_face:

  1. After logging in to your Google Account, simply make a copy of the spreadsheet. 

2.   Fill in the details and follow the indicated STEP 1 and STEP 2 in the document.

3.   Successfully registered issues/tasks will be reflected on the newly created spreadsheet and bulk issues will be registered on Backlog .


The github page has the complete guide on how you can register your bulk issues via Google Sheets. Simply follow the guide to start registering your issues in bulk. :muscle:t2:

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