How to generate Backlog API key & its function

Backlog offers developer API and how you can easily generate a new API key through your personal settings page.

[How] - Generating API Key

Here’s a quick step on how you can generate API key quickly via Personal Settings. Go to your personal icon and select “Personal Settings”.

At the personal settings page, you can access the API settings page by selecting API on the left menu bar.

You can add a memo to the API Key to easily keep track of the usage of the specific API key.

Once you press submit, a new API key will be created. You can manage all created API keys under the “Registered API keys” section.


API keys help to identify the calling program or users. In Backlog, it helps to identify and check whether a specific user has been granted access to call the API.

API key in Backlog is commonly used by non-developers when they are using Bulk Issues Registration using Google Sheets function.