After you close a bug, is there any way to archive it?

It can get pretty busy the kanban board after a few dozen bugs have been close. But I don’t want to erase them! Ideally I would like to archive them so the don’t show unless you search for them? is there any way to do this? or similar? Thanks

Hi Andres,

Welcome to our community! Thanks for sharing your use case.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to archive issues currently, only projects can be archived.

One workaround I can think of:

If you create a new issue type and give it the name “Bug (archived)” or something similar, then when you want to archive a closed Bug issue, you edit its issue type to “Bug (archived)”.

This way, at the Board when you filter issue types to view Bugs only, you won’t see the archived bugs.

Would this work for you?

thanks my issue has been fixed.

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How was your issue fixed? Did you define a new issue type?