[Weekly Fun] What podcasts are you listening to?

Let’s share some podcasts we are listening to.

Nowadays, because of WFH, I like to take daily walks in the park near my home. It helps me stay active and destress, and listening to podcasts while walking also helps increase my distance :wink:

Here are some podcasts on my current playlist:

The Futur Podcast with Chris Do: about design, business, and marketing. I enjoy Chris Do’s soothing voice, his clear-minded way of holding the conversation, and how smooth he is in getting his guests to open up and share their experiences.

This American Life: Each episode revolves around a certain theme and showcases fascinating incidents or experiences. The stories are from people’s lives in America, but it’s also very human and will probably resonate with most of us.

Haunted Hour and Supernatural Confessions: my guilty pleasures every Friday night. These are hosted by Singaporeans, about ghost stories, real-life accounts and supernatural folklore from the Singapore and Southeast Asia region. Hey, no judging. :grinning:

Now, it’s your turn, share with us what podcasts you’re listening to!