Tips before starting a trial in Backlog

Wondering which plan suits your team or organization, what’s the differences between each plan, what’s the process before and after starting a trial?

If these questions pop up before your trial signup with Backlog, we are here to share some tips with you.

:shopping_cart: The plans we are offering

Backlog offers Cloud-hosted and Self-hosted platforms. Cloud-hosted includes from Free plan to Starter, Standard and Premium plan. Meanwhile, Enterprise plan falls under Self-hosted platform.

Each plan type comes with different limits on users, projects, storage, and features. In our Pricing Page, you can further compare the plan offerings and features to understand how each can match your needs.

:pushpin: A quick comparison between the plans

:mag_right: Differences between Free plan & Trial plan 

When you sign up for a Free account, it is free without any charges nor expiry period.

On the other hand, the trial plan (for Starter, Standard, Premium & Enterprise Plan) is free for 30 days only. You can sign up a Free or Trial plan anytime, with NO Credit Card required.

Important Note:

  1. Existing Free plan users are unable to upgrade their spaces to a trial plan - Starter, Standard or Premium.

  2. Once a trial is started, you are unable to switch to a different trial plan or Free plan. But upgrading to paid subscription is available and the user can choose which plan to subscribe.

:bulb: Tips for selecting a plan 

If you would like to check on every feature and how it works on Backlog, consider starting a trial with Premium Plan with the access to all features. This will helps you evaluate the functions and how it benefits your team.

:bulb: Upgrading Tips & Process

After the evaluation and feature comparison over the trial period, you can continue using Backlog with your current plan or choose a new plan. These options are available in “Plans - Upgrade from trial” page.

Choice of Annual or Monthly payment option is available on the payment details page. The annual subscription helps you to save up to 16% which is equivalent to 2 free months, compared to the monthly option. 

We hope that this answers your questions about starting a trial on Backlog. To further explore our plan options or features, please drop us your inquiries through our live chat support or schedule a consultation call with our customer success team. 

Happy Collaborating! :clinking_glasses: