💡 Tip: Change shape stacking order quickly with [ or ]

While selecting a shape, use the shortcut keys:

  • [ to send backward
  • ] to bring forward

This will position the shape behind or on top of another shape in the diagram.

Cacoo stacking shortcut keys

If there are multiple elements, you can click [ or ] multiple times, or use Alt + [ or ] (Win) or Option key ⌥ + [ or ] (Mac) to move behind or in front of all of them.

Non-shortcut way to change stacking order

For the non-shortcut method, select the element, then choose from the Stack order options in the floating editor:

Cacoo Stacking Shapes

For more shortcut keys

In the in-app diagram editor, you can find the Shortcuts guide on the bottom right:

Clicking on it will bring up a popup guide on various shortcut keys in Cacoo.