Summaries on Project's Home Page

To keep track of your Project progress, you can view the various summaries displayed in the Project’s Home page.


Information Displayed on the Project Home Page


  1. Recent Updates
    This reflects all the recent updates by the members within the Project, such as new or updated issues, wiki updates, etc. The View Options can be adjusted to filter the updates that you want to view.


  1. Burndown Chart
    If you have enabled the charts function, the burndown chart will be reflected in the Project Home page. This helps members to grasp the upcoming release plan and keep track of the milestone’s timeline.


  1. Status
    The status section reflects the total number of issues created in the Project and their numbers breakdown according to status. You can monitor the proportion of pending or completed issues based on the coloured bar, and also click on the different statuses to view the respective issues.


  1. Milestone
    This section shows all the milestones with their end dates, and there are coloured bars again to conveniently track your work progress. When users hover their mouse over the milestone, a quick access icon will appear and users can edit the milestone’s information or release notes.


  1. Category
    This section has coloured bars to track progress and also shows the number of issues grouped in each category. You can easily access their issues by clicking the category names.