Burndown Chart on Backlog

Backlog offers the burndown chart feature to all Standard plan and above users. When the project administrator enables the chart function in project settings, the burndown chart will be displayed at the project homepage whenever there’s a milestone created with a start date and due date.

What is a burndown chart?

A burndown chart is a graphical chart that reflects your work progress in relation to your milestone and due date. It answers the question: “can all tasks be completed by the due date?”

The burndown chart plots “hours remaining” versus “due date of the milestone”, and shows the tasks left to do over time.

How it helps?

Burndown charts enable the team to better visualize their work progress and performance. It provides insights such as the ideal time for work completion, estimated time and actual completion time.

This practice helps the team to improve their planning by allowing them to compare the planned work against the actual work done, by looking at the visual chart. As a result, it helps inform the team whether they can meet their deadlines.

Please share with us if your team is currently using burndown chart and tell us how it benefits you.