Started editing a comment. Lost what I've typed

[I think this will go to Sohan. Hi Sohan!]

Steps to reproduce my problem:

  1. on an existing comment, click the 3-dots menu
  2. select Edit comment
  3. start editing the comment. I happen to type a lot
  4. I want to refer to an older comment. Scroll up and click the collapsed “14 comment” (maybe you have more than 14) to expand tem
  5. all my typing is lost! Cannot rocover it even if I go back to editing the comment. Sad


Hi @tatsuonatsukawa :slight_smile:

Thanks for sending in your issue. I’ve forwarded it (and your email address) to our Support team to take a look.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Hi @tatsuonatsukawa

Just an update: Our support team is looking into this issue, but we couldn’t reproduce it. It might be possibly a network connection issue?
We’re checking with our techs about it.

Thanks for your patience!

Hi @tatsuonatsukawa ,

We managed to reproduce it:

While editing a comment, if you click on the collapsed older comments (e.g. “14 Comment”), the entire comment thread is reloaded, hence your edited comment (which is not submitted yet) is lost.

I’m sorry, we have no way to solve this phenomenon yet.

:bulb: One workaround: If you need to view older comments while editing, please open the collapsed comment thread first, before editing your comment.

We have given feedback to our development team about this. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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