Other languages localization?


I’m ready to make a franch translation for backlog.

Somebody interested in ?

Hi Nanard,

thank you for volunteering.

Let’s see how’s the response from our users and community.


If you like this feature (or other features), please give it an upvote or add your thoughts below. :slightly_smiling_face: 


Does Backlog able to support Traditional Chinese?
Thank you very much.


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I’m evaluating products to replace Jira in my company. We’ve been testing Backlog, and it’s currently top on our list, but not having the interfaces in French would be a problem with some clients. Is it on your roadmap to support more languages ?


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Hi @anhhuynh

Welcome to the community!

I’m glad to hear that Backlog is top on your list. Currently, we only support English and Japanese languages for Backlog. Supporting French or more languages is unfortunately not in our current roadmap, but we may consider it in the future with user feedback.

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us.