Is it possible to merge lines?

I’m creating a flowchart, and I have many instances in which multiple source points flow into a shared destination point. The chart would look better if I could merge the connector lines into each other, creating the appearance of them flowing together into a single line that continues to the destination point.

Contrast that to making an individual line between each source point and the destination point. That adds many more lines and a lot of visual clutter.

So is it possible to make lines connect with one another?


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Hi @jmegna,

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It’s possible to manually adjust the connector lines to look like they flow into a single line. Something like this:

You can double-click on any part of a line to add joints and then use it to adjust the line’s flow. To remove a joint, just double-click on it again.

Although, there may be some cases where lines may not overlap that well and the result forms a thicker line.

Hope this answers your question :slight_smile: