Invite new users to your Space

Working solo? No? Start inviting other users to your space and collaborate with them. With our redesigned Nulab Apps platform, inviting users is much simpler now.


To invite new users, the administrator or space owner can access “Space Settings” by clicking their personal icon on the global navigation bar, followed with “Manage Organization on Nulab Apps”.

On Nulap Apps page, it will reflect the organization settings and administrators can start to invite new users through the “Member” page.


Inviting Individual user or small group of users


If you are inviting a small group of users, simply select “Invite Members by Email” and key in the invitee’s email address followed by setting up the Teams & Roles, and click “Invite”. An email invitation will be sent out to the invitee.

Inviting multiple users at once with email address


To add multiple users at once, go to “Invite Members by Email”, select upload CSV which located beside the email address box.

A window will pop out. Simply follow the steps provided - download the CSV template file, fill out the cells and upload the file, follow with the “Invite” button. Invitees will receive invitation email thereafter.


Inviting user through Invitation Link


The simplest way to reach out to all users in a different medium is through invitation link. By selecting “Invite using a link”, administrator can pre-set the teams and roles they would like to add the users to. After updating these settings, just click “Create Link”.


A link will be created and you can copy the invitation link and paste it in the medium which is easily accessible by the new users. Through this method, multiple invitees are able to access the invitation quickly through the link and start to register their email on Backlog.

As the saying goes, more hands make light work.

Now, you can invite members to your team, and start collaborating to be more productive! :muscle:t2: