Internal comments, Microsoft Teams integration

Hi Soo 

We are using this as a Help Desk ( ticketing/Task system) with our Customers. We create Customer users as “Guests” and Support Analysts as Members. It works very well but we do need the following features ASAP


  1. Internal Comments: Only visible to Members and Project Managers Not to Guests 

 2. Microsoft Teams Integrations: You have provided Slack integrations ( Slack has 12.5 million users compared to MS Team’s 75 million worldwide).


Above 2 issues are preventing us in rolling out Backlog to the new projects 

Please help ASAP 

-Pankaj Lunker



Hi Pankaj,

thank you for sharing more about your issue. 

I’ve received your feedback/requests here and have forwarded it to our product team.

There may be a workaround for now, as replied in the posts, hopefully it can help with what you’re trying to achieve in Backlog.


Hi Soo 

Thanks for your quick response. I tried using a webhook with Microsoft’s Incoming Webhook for Teams but it did not work. It connects successfully but does not update if Tasks are created or updated

I still feel that you should reconsider your decision for not providing a standard MS Team integration considering the rise of Office 365 and MS teams growth in the last couple of years.





Hi Soo , 

Above comment is based on an update from your support team that there is no plan to build MS Team integration in near future.



Hi Pankaj, 

User feedback is definitely important to us for planning the future roadmap, so your views will be taken into consideration. 

For the incoming webhook on Microsoft Teams, I don’t have direct experience in doing that, but from what I encountered in connecting a Backlog webhook to Discord, it doesn’t work as a direct integration/connection, it requires using Zapier to parse/format the message. So perhaps you can try this as a workaround?

Here’s the reference: Integrate Backlog with external services using webhook (and Zapier)

Hi Checking again regarding again MS teams integration. Please let us know


Hi Pankaj ( @plunker )

thank you for checking in!

I’ve forwarded your request for Microsoft Teams integration to our product team. However, I’m unable to give a promise or reveal information about our development roadmap.

I apologize for the inconvenience caused.

This is disappointing as you are not realizing the fact that it is the largest enterprising collaboration platform ( unlike Slack which you decided to integrate ) . This might become a deal breaking or exit reason for lot of clients like us . Reason is that @Nulab no one has understood how many enterprises are using Teams effectively. This might be as you have a competing messaging application


We’re sorry for the disappointment, Pankaj.

We recognize the importance of Microsoft Teams and that it’s critical for our users to have that integration. In recent times, our Cacoo diagramming tool has added a Microsoft Teams integration.

Our team is currently working on different improvements and features to our products. Unfortunately, for Backlog’s features to come in future, we’re unable to reveal or promise a delivery timeline.

Your feedback is really important and helpful for us. Thank you.

For a workaround, can you try using the Backlog project’s webhook with Zapier to send messages to Microsoft Teams?

I think it might be a possible solution. I’ve tried the Backlog webhook with Zapier, and it’s able to send JSON data over to Zapier. And Zapier should in turn be able to send messages to Microsoft Teams.

I wish I could provide a more concrete answer for you. Unfortunately, I do not have a Microsoft Teams paid plan, I’m using the free plan, and it seems that the free plan is not supported for connecting with Zapier.

My issue is that even your Webhooks does not work with Teams . Why don’t your team can fix the Webhook feature till you bring the full integration. We like all other features of backlog except limited integrations available . We are being forced by our customers to use Teams integrated application.


But why do we have to pay to Zap, when we are already paying to you for Webhook integration? It is your responsibility to fix your bugs


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Sorry for the inconvenience caused. I understand your frustration.

Backlog’s webhook is not officially supported yet with Microsoft Teams’ incoming webhook feature, so there may be issues with integrating them.

Hopefully in future, we’ll be able to officially integrate Microsoft Teams with Backlog.

We’ve created a guide on integrating Backlog with Microsoft Teams using Zapier.

Please check it out here: Receive Backlog updates in Microsoft Teams using Zapier

thanks It may help someone.

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Hi @plunker

Good news! We have released a Microsoft Teams + Backlog integration!

Please check it out :slight_smile: