Export Wiki to PDF - unicode

Hello team,

I have problem exporting unicode Wiki pages to PDF. The non-ascii (CEE in my case) characters are corrupted.
Is there possibility to set export options, such as font or encoding?

Stan Pokorny

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Hi @stanislavpokorny

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As far as I know, it’s not possible to set export options for exporting Wiki pages to PDF.

About the corrupted non-ASCII characters, let me check with our team to find out more.


As a solution, can I suggest that you select the Printable Page option to export your Wiki page?

After selecting this option, you can then choose to save the page as a PDF. This way, the non-ASCII characters should be preserved. Can you try it?


thanks for quick answer and suggested workaround. This is exactly what I did already yesterday and I can confirm, that it works and non-ascii chars are OK.



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