Diagram export formats, and how to set export sizes

Do you wonder how your diagram looks when it’s exported?
Wonder no more, because we’ll share it here. :slightly_smiling_face:

In this post, you’ll learn:

  • How the different export formats (PNG, SVG, PDF, PPT) will look when your diagram is set to Free Size
  • How to change your sheet size
  • How to set a PNG image dimensions before exporting it

Exporting when diagram sheet is set to Free Size

In Free Size mode, when you select any export option, be it PNG, SVG, PDF, PPT, etc., all elements on the sheet are automatically included in the exported file.

Basically, WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get!)

Click on the Export button to see the available export options.

Besides these options, you can also share and export your diagram to Google Drive.

Exporting to PNG or SVG:

The exported PNG image file automatically encompasses all the elements on the sheet.

For SVG (scalable vector graphics), it’s the same.

Exporting to PPT, PDF, or Print:

When exporting to PDF, Print, or PPT (powerpoint), the diagram is also automatically resized to fit the file’s dimensions. So you can be assured that the diagram will fit in your PDF and PPT files.



Changing sheet size

As a default, the diagram sheet is set to Free Size, but it’s possible to change the sheet size by going to Settings. This will affect the dimensions size of your exported file (e.g. for PNG) or how your diagram appears on it (for PDF, Print and PPT).

:bulb: Tip: We recommend using Free Size, as it makes exporting diagrams easier. Diagrams will be automatically resized to fit the selected export formats. If you’re using a fixed size, part of your diagram may fall outside the available canvas.

How do I set the PNG image dimensions before exporting?

If you wish to set the dimensions (width x height in pixels) of your PNG image before exporting it, there are two different ways to do this.

  1. If the sheet is set to free size, you can resize the elements before exporting.
  2. Alternatively, set the size of the sheet first, and adjust the elements before exporting.

Here’s how the two methods work.

Method 1: On Free Size sheet, resize elements before exporting

Press Ctrl + A or Cmd + A to select all the elements, then click on More (3 dots) > Position and size. Click the lock icon to lock the dimension ratio, then enter a number for the width or height (in pixels) of the image.

cacoo - resize image1

Method 2: Set the sheet size first, then adjust elements’ positions before exporting

Go to Settings and select the desired dimensions size (e.g. 1920 x 1080).

After changing the sheet size, if the elements fall outside of the sheet: select all elements (Ctrl + A or Cmd + A) and move them to fit into the sheet.

To resize as a whole, select all, press Shift to lock the dimension ratio, then click and drag the corner of the selection to resize it. To unselect all, click anywhere outside of the selection.

cacoo - resize image2