Backlog Enterprise will discontinue support for PostgreSQL 9.5, MySQL 5.6, and Internet Explorer 11

Hi Backlog Enterprise users,

Backlog Enterprise version will discontinue support for PostgreSQL 9.5 and MySQL 5.6, following the end of support from PostgreSQL Global Development Group and the end of extended support from Oracle respectively, and will also stop supporting Internet Explorer 11, starting from the next version of Backlog Enterprise.


  • If you are using PostgreSQL 9.5 or MySQL 5.6, please upgrade to PostgreSQL 9.6 or MySQL 5.7 as they are supported by Backlog Enterprise.

  • If you are using PostgreSQL, please consider migrating to MySQL 5.7 because we’ll be discontinuing support for PostgreSQL on Nov 11, 2021.

  • If you are using Internet Explorer 11, please use the latest browsers supported by Backlog Enterprise such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.