Backlog Enterprise 1.11.0 released

Important Changes

  • Provide data migration tool to MySQL with the end of support for PostgreSQL in November 2021.
  • Backlog 1.11.0 now supports 4-byte characters in MySQL.
  • We have updated our Terms of use for Backlog Enterprise.

Bug Fixed

  • Fixed an XSS vulnerability in the file function.

Backlog Enterprise is an on-premise solution for project management. You can install Backlog on your organization’s server and computing infrastructure for even greater control of your data.

Regarding databases that work with Backlog Enterprise (v1.11.1):

Backlog works with the following databases:

  • PostgreSQL 9.5 ( Final Release will be February 11, 2021 )
  • PostgreSQL 9.6 ( Final Release will be November 11, 2021 )
  • MySQL 5.6 ( Extended Support will end Feb 2021 )
  • MySQL 5.7 ( Extended Support will end Oct 2023 )

Backlog is planning to stop PostgreSQL support. The final supported version of PostgreSQL is version 9.6. We recommend MySQL in the future for Backlog servers.

From the Backlog Enterprise installation guide.