Backlog Enterprise 1.11.1 released

Here are the release notes for Backlog Enterprise ver 1.11.1

Important Changes:

  • Stopped supporting Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6 and CentOS 6 following the end of support and maintenance announcement from Red Hat.

  • Able to connect to Active Directory with LDAP Signing. Refer to the Operation Guide for the setting.

  • Fixed various vulnerabilities in the Git function.

  • A Flash plug-in used by IE11 has been removed to fix a vulnerability.


  • Enabled the br tag to break lines in tables if you are using Markdown syntax.

  • Able to rename folders and files on the Files page.

  • Improved the processing speed of the PostgreSQL to MySQL data migration tool.

  • The PostgreSQL to MySQL data migration tool works even when the PostgreSQL configuration value ‘standard_conforming_strings’ is off.

  • Updated the Terms of Use for Enterprise and the Terms of Use for Enterprise is no longer included in the Enterprise application.


  • Fixed user IDs that did not output to the web server access log in SSH environment.

  • Fixed the Search issues page and APIs that are not working when the custom attribute’s type is List and there are more than 257 list items.

  • Fixed the Git commit history page, which didn’t show when the commit included moved or renamed files.

What is Backlog Enterprise?

It is Backlog installed on your organization’s server and computing infrastructure. It gives you full control over your data, users, security settings, updates, and permissions. Learn more at Enterprise US | Backlog

Regarding databases that work with Backlog Enterprise (v1.11.1):

Backlog works with the following databases:

  • PostgreSQL 9.5 ( Final Release will be February 11, 2021 )
  • PostgreSQL 9.6 ( Final Release will be November 11, 2021 )
  • MySQL 5.6 ( Extended Support will end Feb 2021 )
  • MySQL 5.7 ( Extended Support will end Oct 2023 )

Backlog is planning to stop PostgreSQL support. The final supported version of PostgreSQL is version 9.6. We recommend MySQL in the future for Backlog servers.

From the Backlog Enterprise installation guide.