Why Git integration?

I’m obviously completely missing the point here.  What is the point of Git integration with this product?  For version control of source code surely Git integration is done from the dev workstation or software?  What part does an online web application play?

Hello Paul,

Nice to meet you! 

Git is a distributed version control system for managing source code.

Below is a article explaining further what Git is and the many benefits it offers for developers :slight_smile:




Hi Brian, likewise!

I already use Git, my confusion is, how would it relate to your product?

It seems like you are writing articles you feel will be useful for people whether they use backlog.com services, or not.

Which is totally cool :slight_smile:


Hi Paul,

Besides a git repo, there’s also a pull request feature inside Backlog, like similar to what’s on Github, which developers can use to comment and review code as they work together.

So i guess that’s how it relates to this team collaboration tool.

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