How to prevent the Members of my project from executing "git push" ?

I have a git repository in my project, and I have added a friend as a Member into my project. By now, I have confirmed that my friend can use “git clone” to get my repository, but he can also use “git push” to push changes to my repository directly.

My ideal thought is: I can invite some Members to my project, the can “git push” or “git pull” to get my code, but after their “git push”, I can check what he changed and choose to “decline it” or “accept it” or something else.

Thanks for your helping, and sorry for my poor English:-)

Hey there, thank you for writing to us. There is no rule can be set to prevent members from the project executing “git push” and made the review as mandatory on Backlog git. 


What I would suggest is that to make code review in pull request before merging the branch. You can have discussions on the page using the comment function and these comments will be recorded on the server for later review or future discussion. 


You may refer to our Git tutorial to see how code review can be done through pull request and their benefits.