Updates: webhook, Backlog API & bug fixes

Our Backlog team has released new updates to the webhook, Backlog API, and bug fixes! :smiley:
Check them out :point_down:


  • Added authorization header to webhook. Now, when you use basic authentication in the webhook URL, the information will also be sent in the authorization header of the HTTP request.

    For basic authentication, you can add the username and password of your HTTPS endpoint in the webhook settings.

  • Backlog API:

    • Added a new “Get Activity” API. For getting information about a single activity in the space (e.g. updated issue, added comment, etc.)
    • Added merge commit hash information in the “Get Pull Request” API response.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where users could not be invited from the plus button on the global bar.
  • iOS app: Fixed a bug where automatic saving of comments may not work.