Nulab Pass announces new Audit Log feature!

:lock: Nulab Pass has released the new Audit Log feature! :clap:

It is available under the Nulab Pass subscription plan, and works for all Nulab products (i.e. Cacoo, Backlog, Typetalk)

:open_book: What is Audit Log?

Audit Log is a security feature that helps organizations to better track and safeguard access to their data. Admins and members with the audit log privilege can download a log of activities and events (e.g. logins, new members invited, files downloaded, etc) within their organization in Nulab products.

The log is in the form of a CSV file with dates/times of the events that occurred. Only admins with the audit log privilege can access/download the log, other members or admins cannot access it.

:bulb: For more info about the Audit Log feature, please see our support guides: Download audit logs, and Audit log settings and file

:lock: What is Nulab Pass?

Nulab Pass is a centralized security subscription that gives you enterprise-grade security and governance of your Nulab products for your entire organization.

It provides SAML Single Sign-On (SSO) for your members, organization audit log, and will also include user provisioning in the future!