[Nulab Pass update] Easily migrate existing Nulab Accounts to Managed Accounts

Nulab Pass overview

  • An account security management service for Nulab products (Backlog, Cacoo, Typetalk)
  • Centrally manage your organization’s user accounts (Managed Accounts)
  • Connects to your identity systems/ID providers
  • Allows users to log in to Nulab products using SSO/SAML authentication for more security


From today (30th March 2021), there are new updates to Nulab Pass:

  1. You can easily migrate the existing Nulab Accounts in your organization to Managed Accounts

  2. Domain verification when using managed accounts

  3. Nulab Pass subscription will be charged based on the number of managed accounts (a change from the previous organization-wide billing)

Migrating from Nulab Account to Managed Account

A managed account is an account that can be centrally managed by the administrator of the organization, unlike the Nulab account, which is managed by the user themselves.

With managed accounts, the password settings and account management is handled by administrators instead of being left to the individual user’s discretion. This helps administrators to take measures against unauthorized use/access of their organization’s Nulab services.

Previously, administrators are able to create a new managed account, but they are unable to convert an existing Nulab account into a managed account.

With the new update, administrators are able to migrate the existing Nulab accounts to managed accounts.

Migration process flow:

  1. Administrators select Nulab account(s) that belong to the organization and request for migration. A notification email is sent to the selected users and administrators.

  2. The respective users agree to the migration via clicking on the email.

  3. Migration to managed accounts is carried out on the respective user accounts.

Due to the specifications of the current managed account, only information about the organization will be transferred from the Nulab account to the managed account.

Please be assured that their information in the Nulab products (i.e. Backlog, Cacoo, Typetalk user-created data) will be carried over.

Refer to the support guide: Summary of account migration for detailed information.

Verification of domains and email addresses

Starting with this update, organizations will have to verify ownership of their domains when using managed accounts.

Only accounts with email addresses where the organization’s domain has been confirmed can be registered as managed accounts.

This measure is to ensure the identity of user accounts so that you can use Nulab products more safely in the future.

For administrators who have already signed up with Nulab Pass, we will contact you separately for this domain verification process. Sorry for the inconvenience, we appreciate your understanding.

Please refer to support guide: Domain Verification for details.

Change in Nulab Pass subscription billing

In the previous billing method, in anticipation of the audit log function that will be available in Nulab Pass, all users in the organization were counted regardless of their account type (Nulab Account/Managed Account).

In the new method which starts today, Nulab Pass billing will be charged according to the number of managed accounts.

For existing Nulab Pass users, the number of subscribed users will not be automatically reduced. If your organization has both Nulab Accounts and Managed Accounts, you may be able to lower the cost of Nulab Pass for your next billing cycle by reviewing the number of subscribed users for your organization.

Please refer to the support guide: Change Plan for details on adding/reducing user subscriptions.

Thank you for your continued support! :bowing_man: