[Improvements/Bugfixes] Keep selected elements while panning canvas, and more

Hi Cacoo users,
here’s the batch of improvements and bugfixes we have released:


  • Keep your selection of elements after panning of canvas. Previously, selected elements will be unselected after panning the canvas. Now, selected elements will remain selected so that it’s convenient to continue editing them.

cacoo dragging canvas

  • Improved snap alignment of shape with other shapes/elements during resizing.

cacoo snapping alignment


  • Fixed arrow resizing so that it resizes properly when rotated 90 degrees
  • Fixed behavior of elbow line to remove distortion during editing
  • Fixed fill colors disappearing for selected shapes when setting their fill opacity
  • Fixed missing link icons in diagram versions

Please continue to share with us your suggestions and feedback via our Cacoo Ideas and Feedback section or the Cacoo contact form. :slightly_smiling_face: