How to integration CI, CD pipeline on nulab

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I’m going on to plan to build a CI, CD pipeline so deploy the product to EC2 AWS. Do you know can we work with Nulab? Is it possible?

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Hi, if you meant Nulab services, it is possible to implement CI/CD by using Backlog’s Git and Webhook functions.
Ref: Backlog API Overview | Backlog Developer API | Nulab

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Could you explain in more detail? As I know, Webhook can be integrated with third-party applications, which means we can run collect batch commands from Webhook which batch to execute the deployment, is that right?


You may use Git webhook.

Or use a project webhook. The project’s webhook has “Git Pushed”.

In both methods, it’s to use a webhook as a trigger to run CI/CD.

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Nulab does not has any pipline service so we should use a webhook as a trigger to third-party pipeline, right? such as: Jenkin.
Thank you @jenny-i7E !

Yes, you are right.
To use Jenkins, you would need to utilise the Webhook feature and make settings manually.

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