How to change to White Background for "Play" (⌘+Enter) mode

Currently during the “play” mode, it has no space to the top, bottom, left, and right using black background. For those elements which are near the four edges, they look so busy… Is it possible to have some room against the edge in the “play” mode? Or how to change to white background? (White background might decrease the busy feeling a little bit) Please advise. Thanks.

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You may change the sheet size of your diagram, so that the sheet display in the Play mode will look the same (i.e. has margins) as it’s in the editor.
Please click “Settings” (top right area in the editor) and choose “Custom” to adjust the sheet size.

Another way is to put a transparent shape at each of the four edges. Choose a shape, and set the Opacity as zero for Fill, and set the Opacity and Width as zero for Line, and you will get a transparent shape.

The colour of background in the Play mode is unable to be changed, unfortunately.

Hope this helps!

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Great tips! Thanks a lot!

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