Difference between a Request and a Task?

What is the difference?  Very fine line I think.  I know what a Bug is and what and Task is.  We have User Stories added.

Do you have an example of a Request that can’t fill as a Task?

Besides User Story ,do you use any other Types?





Oh that’s interesting. Maybe a request is like a support ticket, asking for help on IT matters.

But a task is… a task, like something on your to-do list.

i guess it depends on how a company wants to categorise the work.



Hi Michael & Jackson, great to hear from you guys! It really depends on the company operations how they define “task” or “request” on Backlog. But here are some of my thoughts. 

If a team is requesting for something such as a request to change or replace an equipment, they can add this issue under “request” type.

While for the “task” type can define as a certain job or work to be done. 

Keep up the great work. :)