Go Meetup @ Nulab - Amsterdam

The first Go Amsterdam meetup in 2019 has been scheduled for Thursday, February 21st…  and we will host it in our Amsterdam office! Come listen to interesting talks, meet your friendly fellow gophers, and have an amazing time!



18.00 - Doors open with drinks & pizza 

18.30 - We start with the first talk

20.00 - Closing

20.15 - Drinks at a nearby bar



The talks:

# New to Go: Where to get help?
A gentle introduction for those new to Go
By Taavi Kivisik

# Go 1.12 release
If all is well, Go 1.12 will be out by the time we have the meetup. What’s in the release? And what’s in store for the upcoming development cycle?
By Borys Hulii and/or Mechiel Lukkien

# UTF8 and runes in Go
Rune magic lessons from production systems.
By Gabriele Vaccari, Nulab

# Building a cloud of fares
You will hear the story behind a Travix project called FareCache, why it was originally set up as a C# micro-monolith and how it got migrated to a bunch of Go micro-services in the Google Cloud.
By Ralph Ligtenberg

# Lightning talk: Report from FOSDEM and GopherCon Israel
By Taavi Kivisik


IMPORTANT: If you want to attend, make sure you use your full name on meetup, or otherwise send us a message. Bring your ID and make sure you’re on the RSVP-list or you won’t be able to get into the office building. And please, please, keep your RSVP status up to date! Spots are limited and we will likely have a waiting list. If you can no longer make it to the meetup, simply change your RSVP to NO. Thanks! (: