[Updated] Downgrade to Free plan for Trial plans

:loudspeaker: Downgrading to the Free plan is available for all trial plans when they meet the following criteria:

  • have 6 sheets or less
  • have 1 shared folder or none
  • their trial period is over

Note: Downgrading to a Free plan is currently not available for paid plan users. And only plan administrators can perform the downgrade.

How to downgrade to Free plan

After your trial expires, a plan upgrade dialog will prompt when you’re accessing Cacoo. Click on the Free plan link to switch to the Free plan.

The Cacoo Free plan has a limit of a maximum of six sheets. If your organization has more than six sheets, during the downgrading process, you will be asked to select up to 6 sheets to keep while the rest will be deleted.

After the downgrade, your sheets will remain in the same diagram and folder.

For more information and instructions on downgrading to the Free plan, please refer to the Cacoo support page: Switch to Free plan