Downgrade to Free plan for Trial plans (Pro or Team)

:loudspeaker: This update is for Cacoo users who:

  • are currently using the trial plans (Pro or Team trial)
  • Or, have expired their trial plans


Trial plan users have the option to subscribe or upgrade their plan when their trial period has ended, but they are unable to downgrade to a Free plan.


Downgrading to the Free plan is available for all trial plans when they meet the following criteria:

  • have 6 sheets or less
  • have 1 shared folder or none
  • when their trial period has expired

Note: The Cacoo Free plan has a limit of a maximum of six sheets and one shared folder, hence the criteria for downgrading. If your organization currently has more than six sheets and/or more than one shared folder, please consider deleting some before your trial ends. For reference, learn about the Cacoo Free plan on the pricing page.

What if my plan has expired and doesn’t meet the Free plan limits?

If your trial has ended and you wish to delete diagrams/folders, your administrators can delete them from the Settings > Diagrams/Folders Management page. However, they are unable to open and view the diagrams/folders.

We are working to smoothen the flow for downgrading to the Free plan, and will release an update once it’s ready. :bowing_man: Thank you for your support and patience.

For more information and instructions on downgrading to the Free plan, please refer to the Cacoo support page: Switch to Free plan