Conversations in Tech: QA as a fun & exciting career

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the work of a QA Engineer? Is there more to it than tests and testing? What qualifications or skills does it require?

We’re glad to invite Sumi Naomi, QA Engineer at TeamSpirit Inc., to share her experience in Quality Assurance, and what makes it a fun and exciting career! :smiley:

Join us to learn more about QA, and if you have questions, you can ask her about it!

Conversations in Tech: QA as a fun & exciting career, ft. Sumi Naomi

On Youtube Live:

About our guest, Sumi Naomi:

Armed with 8 years of quality assurance experience in the SaaS and E-commerce industries under her belt, Sumi Naomi supports the QA Team Lead in TeamSpirit in a leadership capacity. She also represented TeamSpirit in JaSST, a nationwide QA conference in Kansai, Japan last year.

Currently focusing on the TeamSpirit Expense module, she is passionate about improving the quality of products and solutions to all of their B2B customers. In her free time, Naomi dances, contributes to gender equality movements, and serves as a bridge in intercultural bonding between the Japanese and Singapore teams.


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